Travel By Bike: Why an Organized Bike Tour is the Best Way to Explore a New Country

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When we expose ourselves to new experiences with travel, we get a break from our day-to-day, along with letting go of stress, responsibilities, and monotonous habits. But what if you amp up your experience by opting to travel by bike?

Exploring via bike isn’t just for Tour de France athletes and people “dirt bagging” it.

Keep reading to find out why taking your travel by bike may be the best decision you ever make.

Organized Tours Cover All of the Bases

If you’re going on vacation, you’re probably hoping to unwind and relax.

What better way to do that then to opt for an all-inclusive, packaged deal?

Organized bike tours typically include everything in one price. This means flights, lodging, bikes, and more

Reduce your responsibility and increase your chances of having an all-around positive experience.

Biking Forces You into a Slower Pace of Living

In this day and age of accessible, automated transportation, you may wonder why anyone would choose a slower way to get places.

The truth is, taking your time while traveling allows you to see more than you would otherwise. It teaches you to pace yourself and appreciate the little things.

Life is but a collection of little, beautiful moments, isn’t it?

Being Outdoors Is Good for You

Nature therapy is starting to become more recognized by the masses. Earthing (connecting your feet to the ground outside) and forest bathing (healing yourself in wooded areas) are prime examples of this.

The same goes for biking outdoors.

When you choose a bike over an automated vehicle, you get the outdoor benefits of improved memory and focus as well as reduced inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

And Biking Is Really Good for You

Add biking to the mix and you have a low-impact aerobic exercise that increases your blood pressure and decreases chronic stress.

You won’t come back from your vacation fatigued from extravagant meals that are still with you in the form of 10 extra pounds.

Instead, you’ll bike at most a few hours a day (doable for even the “non-athletic” folks) and enjoy everything gourmet. This balancing out the travel scales to make you feel really good.

Travel By Bike to Connect More

When you’re traveling on a bicycle, you are immersed in the culture you’re adventuring in.

Every stop you take for water and every person you pass is an opportunity for connection that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

The people you travel with can become close friends. They’re the ones you casually ride with, the ones you get to know through shared activity and conversation.

These interactions can turn into lifelong connections.

Even if they don’t, venturing by bike allows you to peddle away from tourist-only activities, enhancing your authentic travel experience.

You wouldn’t get that on a bus, would you?

It’s Better for the Locals (And the World)

The difference between riding into a town in a tour bus / rental car and on a bicycle is like night and day to locals.  On a bike you less “different” and more accessible. And it suggests a level of respect for the local people and culture.

Also riding your bike instead of riding in a vehicle reduces your carbon footprint. Riding a bike reduces negative chemicals from entering the atmosphere and allows locals to have less traffic on the roads.

What Are You Waiting For?

To realize the benefits of travel by bike (and discover that there are infinitely more perks), find a tour today.

Contact us to learn about the tours we offer so you can have a better adventure.


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