Está volao!: 5 Fascinating Cuban Culture Facts To Get You Revved Up For Your Cuban Biking Trip

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We aren’t going to lie to you: traveling to Cuba is complicated. From social stigma to federal regulations, Americans have had difficulty entering this rich cultural haven for decades. The thing is, though, that people who don’t put in the effort to go are missing out. What other nation would between 30 and 60 thousand Americans have traveled to illegally each year?

Luckily, traveling to Cuba today is easier than ever, especially when there are so many bike tour options open to you. Seeing the Cuban cultural relics are well worth the effort, as is talking to the friendly people who reside there.

Read on to learn some Cuban culture facts that will have you racing to hop on a plane and go!

1. The Food is to Die For

Cuban food is incredibly unique because it’s a blend of various other cuisines. Drawing on flavors and dishes from Spain, Africa, and the Carribean Islands, it commonly uses foods like rice, beans, and tostones (green plantain pieces that have been smashed and fried.) Because of the hybrid nature of their cuisine, Cuban food is one-of-a-kind and a huge part of a rich culture.

2. Music and Dance

Like the food, the music and dance of Cuba is a blend of those from various other cultures. You can hear the African and Spanish roots in both traditional and pop music and see adapted moves from both these cultures in Cuban dance. Not only that, but Cuban dance like rumba has influenced dances in their part of the globe!

3. Vintage Resilience

Because Cuba is, by and large, a poor country, the people are startlingly good at making their resources last a long time. Technology can be refurbished for decades and families can be comfortable in homes for generations. Because of this, Cuba has become known as the used car capital of the world among tourists and car enthusiasts!

4. Literature and Arts

The Cuban people are especially proud of the art scene in their nation, including the rich literary works that their greats have written. While you’re over there, make sure you go to a public bookshop or library and talk to the people running the place. They’ll be thrilled to share this piece of their culture with you.

Check out this photo gallery to get a feel for the friendly people you may be talking to about these topics!

5. Proud Cultural Landmarks

Cuba is also home to several rich cultural and historical landmarks. If you like poetry or history, you need to head over to the José Martí Memorial and Plaza de la Revolución. It’s a memorial to the man who wrote poetry and was a martyr to the cause of Cuban independence from Spain. If military history is more your cup of tea, go to the Fortresses of El Morro and La Cabaña, where the Cuban people used to defend against pirate invasions.

More Cuban Culture Facts

While getting into Cuba can be a challenge for some, it’s easy when you book a tour that lets you see everything you could possibly dream of.

Now that you know a few of the coolest Cuban culture facts, it’s time to start planning your trip! Click the ‘book now’ tab on our home page to begin your next adventure.

Have an awesome trip!

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