Cuban Culinary Creations: Here’s a Sneak Peek At The Typical Cuban Food You’ll Find On Your Upcoming Trip

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If you’re about to join the record number of Americans who are traveling to Cuba, you’re in luck. The rich cultural sites you’ll see, the interesting locals you’ll interact with, and the amazing natural beauty you’ll see would be enough reason to go, but there’s one more crucial reason Cuba shines: the food.

Typical Cuban food isn’t the same as typical food anywhere else. From the fresh and delicious ingredients to the unique blends of spices you’ll taste when you eat here, there are plenty of things that make the cuisine stand out.

Read on to learn some of the delicious dishes you’ll be trying when you head off on your Cuban adventure!


While they aren’t a dish in and of themselves, tostones are such a common ingredient in Cuban cuisine that we couldn’t not talk about them. Basically, tostones are bits of green plantain that have been smashed up and fried. You’ll find them in pretty much every stew you buy as well as in rice bowls and as finger foods.

Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja is so popular that it’s been named one of the national dishes of Cuba. It’s elegant in its simplicity: this dish consists of pulled pork or beef in a beef-broth stew. The meat is mixed with various vegetables, including onions and peppers.

Usually, ropa vieja is served over some sort of bread like a tortilla. This dish is not only flavorful, but it hits on every major food group!

Cuban Tamales

If you’re like most people, you’ve eaten and enjoyed Mexican tamales before. Cuban tamales, though, are a little different. Though they also consist of meat and chiles, these ingredients are cut up and mixed with the tamale’s dough. While they’re inside the corn husk of Mexican tamales, Cuban tamales are more reminiscent of a stir fry.

Arroz con Pollo

Another classic, arroz con pollo literally translates to ‘rice with chicken.’ That’s pretty self-explanatory on the most basic level, but there’s more to this dish than just dumping some grilled chicken over steamed rice.

Arroz con pollo is alluring mainly because of its unique Cuban spice blends. It generally uses annatto powder and bay leaf as well as cumin, oregano, pepper, and salt. These spices are thrown into tomato sauce with the flavorful chicken thighs, and voila!

More Typical Cuban Food

Typical Cuban food is more rich and flavorful than even some of the most high-end American restaurants. You’re in for a treat!

Now that you know some of the best foods you’ll encounter on your trip to Cuba, it’s time to get to actually planning your vacation. Click here to see the dates you can take an amazing bicycle tour through this beautiful and richly-cultured nation.

Bon appetit, or should we say, ¡provecho!

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