10 Unmissable Reasons to Visit Cuba in 2020

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At 105,806 square kilometers, Cuba is the biggest island in the Caribbean. But because of travel restrictions, it has remained largely unvisited by Americans.

If you’ve been considering a trip, the time is now. There are infinite reasons to visit Cuba this year. Whether you want a relaxing beach vacation or to live like a local, there’s something for you.

Read on for our 10 reasons to visit Cuba in 2020.

1. Vintage Cars

In the 60s, Fidel Castro put a ban on all American imports.

The country is full of 1950s vehicles because of this ban. The owners have managed to maintain their cars impeccably over the years despite not having access to any compatible spare parts.

2. Beautiful Weather

One of the most attractive reasons to go to Cuba is to take advantage of the weather. There really isn’t a “bad” season, weather-wise. The coldest month of the year is January, and even then, it’s a warm 70°F.

3. Beaches

If you prefer to be a beach bum on your vacations, Cuba is the perfect destination. With over 3,500 miles of coastline, there is no shortage of beaches to choose from.

See how many of the 430 beaches you can visit on your vacation.

4. Cheap Drinks

Even if you’re not staying at an all-inclusive, you can enjoy cheap alcohol. Local brands like Bucanero and Cristal are easy to find for less than $2 per drink.

Savvy tourists can find cocktails for affordable prices off of the resorts, too. We recommend trying one of the local rums.

5. Cigars

Whether you’re a cigar smoker or know someone who is, you’d be amiss not to buy some when you’re in Cuba. The country is known for its world-famous cigars. Be sure to buy from official shops to avoid scammers.

6. Adventure Options

There is no shortage of things to do when you’re in Cuba.

Seeing the country via bicycle is the best way to experience Cuba. What makes Cuba tours like this unique is that you can stay fit while exploring all the country has to offer. Learn more about the history of Cuba from your local guides, too.

7. Enjoy the Music

Cuba is known for its lively music. Take a salsa lesson at your resort or learn from the locals at a club.

8. Rich History

Cuba has a vibrant and colorful history. The Cuban Revolution in the 50s and Castro’s socialist regime are just a few historical talking points. Talk with the locals to learn more if you’re curious.

9. Casa Particulars

Forget expensive all-inclusive resorts. Casa Particulars are the only way to experience what life is like in Cuba. Think of Casa Particulars as the Cuban version of our AirBnb’s. They allow locals to host tourists in a government-approved way.

Casa Particulars are the best way to visit the country on a budget. If connecting with the locals is one of your reasons for travel to Cuba, you’ll need to explore these further.

10. Scuba Diving

Cuba is an excellent place to scuba dive because of how pristine much of its coastline is. The country’s strong environmental protection laws are to thank for this.

See if you can spot barracudas and stingrays. Or test your bravery in the many tunnels or caves around the coast.

Infinite Reasons to Visit Cuba

We couldn’t possibly list all the reasons to visit Cuba in 2020. It is a country rife with history, beautiful scenery, and breathtaking architecture. There is no better time to visit Cuba than now.

If you want to experience it to its fullest potential, you should consider a bicycle tour. See the country as the locals do and learn about its rich history. We even have options to add on excursions like scuba diving or horseback riding.

Contact us today to see if a bike trip around Cuba is right for you.


Vintage classic american car in Havana, Cuba

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