Cuba Libre cocktail

Cuba Libre

Ever drunk a real Cuba Libre cocktail? Maybe you think you´ve not (I thought the same) but I am pretty sure you did. Or anyway, you drink it more or less. In the United States and in the Netherlands the drink is known as baco (Bacardi coke) which is a famous variant on the real one.

The coctail was born during the Spanish-American war in 1898. A captain ordered this drink in a bar in the main capital of Cuba, Havana. The many soldiers in this bar ordered the same drink as well. But why do they call it Cuba Libre? Well, the name of this popular drink arose the same evening. The soldiers ordered the drink and shouted out ¨Cuba Libre´.

How do you make a Cuba Libre?

Not a really unimportant question, right? The cocktail is delicious and quite easy to make. Everybody knows that Cuba is known on his rum. So, of course the best Cuba Libre do you find in Cuba, made with real Cuban Rum. But, when you want to make it at home: use a good white rum and ice cold Coke. Recipe for two Cuba Libre cocktails:

  • 100 ml white rum
  • 200 ml Coke
  • Ice cubes
  • 1 lemon (cut into wedges)

Mix the ingredients and image you´re at Cuba, laying on beautiful beach Varadero with this delicious cocktail. Do you consider to undertake a trip to Cuba? Take a look at our Cuba Bicycle Tours, and be able to try the real Cuba Libre!