About Cuba Bicycle Tours

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Cuba Bicycle Tours offers fully organized bike tours through Cuba. Our tours will show you all the places in Cuba which are worth visiting. We’ve been inspired by Cuba and its local inhabitants to develop these amazing tours. We provide you a unique experience by means of the following three pillars.



We from Cuba Bicycle Tours find it really important to avoid damage to nature and the animals. Cuba’s nature is beautiful and the amount of different species of animals is huge. We would like to keep it that way! In order to reach this, we teach travelers about the importance of sustainability. Besides, the bicycle tours consist of small groups to reduce the impact on the ecosystem. In addition, Cuba Bicycle Tours provides opportunities to volunteer in sustainable projects.



All the tours will be supported by professional and educated guides, who are specialized in the biological and scientific field. We consider it very relevant that our guides can inform you about the nature, culture and history during your bicycling tour through Cuba. Every question you have should be answered in a correct way.



Cuba Bicycle Tours likes to keep it personal in all perspectives. Your wishes and needs are essential for us. The itinerary of our bicycle tours has been established, but our staff would be more than happy to adjust the itinerary to your wishes. We also keep it personal by working with small groups.


Cuba Bicycle Tours is part of EcoColors, a sustainable tour operator located in Cancun, Mexico. EcoColors already exists for more than 19 years (since January 1997). The founders of this tour operator are Miriam and Kenneth Johnson.

We are looking forward to deliver you an unforgettable Cuba Bicycle Tour! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to help you.